Enterprises have many obligations and regulations to abide to. We will assist you and guide you on your quest for data privacy compliance.


We will help you in selecting and implementing the right security measures appropriate to the GDPR.


One of the things companies struggle with is the data register. We sit down with you and fill out the (unique, self designed and user friendly) register together, making sure all your data is correctly mapped, and all your processing activities are clearly documented.

In case of a severe data breach, enterprises are responsible for notifying the Supervisory Authorities and/or the data subjects involved. We assist you in setting up a (unique, self developed and user friendly) data breach register and guide you through the many steps in notifying the required instances.


In many cases a DPO (Data Protection Officer) must be appointed. In this role we will assist and advise you on GDPR compliance, and act as your major focal point towards the Supervisory Authority as well as the data subjects.